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The Formula Electric™ Team is a brand new SAE competition incorporated into Lawrence Technological University’s engineering curriculum project in 2019-2020. The change from Hybrid to Electric signifies the industry trend that electric vehicles are the future. The competition provides students a unique opportunity to combine the University’s signature blend of theory and practice with the challenge of a real-world problem: creating a high-performance racing vehicle that is also energy-efficient. The students design, build, test, and race a Formula Electric vehicle in competition with other student engineering teams from around the world. Lawrence Tech’s Formula Electric team is comprised of freshmen through senior students and graduate student advisors. Students from all of the University’s colleges are welcome to participate.

About the Competition 

Formula Electric™ is a design and engineering challenge for undergraduate university students.

Students design, build, test and race an open-wheel, single seat, all-electric race car that conforms to the Formula Electric™ rules, which emphasize drive train innovation and efficiency in high-performance applications. The Formula Electric™ competition scoring is comprised of static and dynamic events. The static portion focuses on the presentation and design, while the dynamic events focus on the vehicles’ performance: acceleration, auto-cross, and endurance. The most challenging event at the competition is endurance, which tests how many laps the vehicle can complete a course with a limited amount of energy. The competition is held annually at the Nascar Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire.



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